When you think of Denali National Park & Preserve, you might think of dangerous wildlife or high mountain tops. The road that extends through the National Park is not always open to the public and one may only be able to travel down the road via bus tour. We were in Alaska during the time when the road was just starting to re-open after winter and they allowed us to drive our car down the road for as far as it was open.

We got to drive through about half of the park, as there was still some snow on the ground and wildlife was just starting to come out of hibernation. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the famous “Into the Wild” bus and we did not get to see any wildlife. However, we did get to experience the amazing views with almost no one else around.

We would recommend visitng Denali National Park & Preserve when the entire road is open and when you have more opportunities to see wildlife. Check out some of our photos below.